Simon: Mend, Cover Progression

I premiered a new Simon short form comic at Stumptown this past weekend.  This slideshow is a brief look at the evolution of the cover from thumbnails to final version

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I started with thumbnail images (first two images) which I actually blew up and printed, then folded with paper in the middle as a mock-up.  I find that holding the image in book form in your hands is the best way to figure out what is working and what isn’t.  I showed it to some folks to get varied opinions (illustrators, graphic design folks, filmmakers… man I love working at an art school).  I still think it changed a lot once I started drawing.

Next was pencilling (oops, no picture.  Sorry about that).  Even though this is only half of a head, I drew the whole head, to make sure proportions were accurate.  Then, I looked at it just as the half face and changed some of the placements, actually distorting it slightly.  Strangely, sometimes a half face looks better when proportions are NOT perfect.  Go figure.

Then, on to inking.  Again, I inked most of this with my brushes.  This one kinda inked itself.

Scanning followed.  I’ll do another post on my backwards scanning techniques.  But here’s a little insight… advice be damned, I scan as a grayscale image, not a bitmap as many comic artists do.

All Coloring was done in photoshop.  I use a wacom tablet/pen to aid in this process.  Between images 3-4 you’ll see a little thing I tried with Simon’s eyelid, but ended up leaving it in the original form in the end.  For the sections with color (well, not b/w) I do a lot of tweaking with layers and opacity.  You can see some of this in images 4-5.  I created the halftone dots through trial & error with the filter in photoshop.  I had about 3 variations (again, no pictures. Sorry) but ended up with what you see at the end.

This was a pretty basic run through.  Next time I’ll have a thorough look at how I use photoshop for cleanup of my black and white pages for GARY.


– Tyrell


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