Dogs & Libraries

I hope you all enjoyed the new pages of Gary from last week.  If you missed them, please take a look:  Gary, Ch4, Part 1



are difficult to draw. Sometimes I wish I had taken that scientific illustration class while in school.  In any case, I’m fairly happy with how these pages turned out, but it took a bit of work to figure out how I wanted the dog to look.

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I’m a dog person, so I have some cursory knowledge of breeds and such, but I didn’t want this dog to look like a specific breed.  I basically drew from photo reference a few different breeds, then drew the final pages from my sketches.  In the end, it kinda looks like a retriever, which worked out nicely.



While in Portland at Stumptown, I had the opportunity to speak with a representative from the Multnomah County Library.  They have started an awesome program where they carry zines and independent comics in the local library branches.  I was stoked to hear about this unique program and encourage you Portland folks to take a look at their collection.  I am honored to say that they will be carrying a few of my titles:

My comics at the library! 

Thanks to Emily-Jane from the Mulnomah County Library for making this possible!  I’ll be also add links to this collection on my website in the near future.

– Tyrell


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