A.P.E. Post-Carnage Report

Another Alternative Press Expo has come to a close!  This year’s show enjoyed perfect weather & one of the most diverse & talented collection artists assembled in one place.  It was a blast & I thank all attendees who came out to show support to the exhibitors.  Whether it was a kind conversation or purchasing some comics, we appreciate it!

My table transforms from this…

to THIS…

Then I was joined by table-mate, the always spectacular Mike Manomivibul…

Pretty snazzy eh?

Not only was exhibiting a thrill, but I also had the chance to catch some new work by these talented folks…

Reid Psaltis… Reid just released a new mini comic called Hell’s Dachshunds.  Brilliant & terrifying.

Michael Manomivibul… my table-mate who does amazing illustrations with sumi ink on paper.

Josh Shalek… Author of the comic strip Welcome to Falling Rock (I finally completed my collection!)

Jose Moreno… The best book binder I’ve seen in ages.  AND his screen prints are phenomenal!

Jack Bracken… Author of The Matter & a darn fine writer in general.

Malachi Ward & Matt Sheean… These gents produce the BEST SCI-FI comic currently available… Expansion.  Read it NOW!

Tony Huynh… A new acquantaince who’s line work is kinetic while still keeping shape.  Very nice.

Chris Koehler… Using my two favorite colors to dramatic effect.  Super clean & dramatic work!

Tony Guaraldi-Brown… Cars cars cars!!!

CHECK OUT THESE GUYS!  They are all fantastic!  I met many other talented artists, so please forgive me if I can’t name them all!

GARY: BOOK TWO is now for SALE online!

Yup.  I’m really happy with how this, the second of three books, turned out.  Please order your copy today!

Thanks again for your continued support!  As promised, next week I’ll have a Gary process post, & some news about new CUBE prints available for purchase!

– Tyrell


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