Simon Collection Teaser

It all started during my freshman year at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  We were tasked with creating a character & completing a full model sheet.  The result in my case was Simon.  I don’t think I understood at the time what I had created.  I knew I had avoided giving him a mouth or nose to challenge myself to work with his body language & eyes as his only form of communication.  What I quickly discovered was that Simon’s blank face is a place for readers (and myself) to project our own faces… thoughts… feelings.  Something akin to a universal avatar.  Simon quickly became my mode of exploring the questions that constantly bounced around my brain.  You know, the “big questions”.

Of course, you never really answer the big questions fully.  But it’s impossible to ask them and not learn some bit of truth along the way.  Simon’s journey has taken him many fantastic places.  He’s fought against powerful enemies.  He’s faced heartbreak.  He’s challenged the boundaries of his world of panels & pages.  He’s been, & continues to be, on an amazing journey…

That’s a little intro to the Simon Collection that I’ll have available in a couple weeks.  I’m really excited about this collection of the Simon comics I’ve done over the last 10 years.  Here are a couple peeks at the cover and some interior pages:

Props to my homie Gerald Proctor for the sweet cover.  Look for more info soon!

– Tyrell


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