C2E2 Post-Carnage

C2E2 2012

What a weekend!

First off, thanks to everyone who came to see me at C2E2 this past weekend!  It was great to meet new people and to see some familiar folks!  In case you couldn’t make it:

and a look behind the scenes (so to speak)…

I had the good fortune of being placed next to these talented folks:

SPINNERETTE by Sean “KrazyKrow”


THEATER HOPPER by Tom Brazelton

KEEPER by Geoffrey Wessel & Jeff Simpson

I had a blast and I really hope ya’ll can make it next year as well!


The fellas at In This Issue were kind enough to invite me onto their podcast as a guest host last week.  We had a lot of fun talking about  AvX’s failings, Prophet’s awesomeness, Punisher’s knife skills, Mass Effect 3’s ending, and tons of other nerd-fare.  Have a listen:

Vol.2, Issue 9 

(beware: adult language)

In This Issue also covered C2E2, interviewing folks like Ryan Browne, Ryan Benjamin, Tom Stillwell, and many more!  Follow In This Issue all week for the C2E2 coverage & interviews!


Here’s a sneak peak at the progress:

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