C.A.K.E. Post-Carnage

C.A.K.E. has come and gone, my friends.  And what a show!

The table I shared with Bethicus Maximus

The show was a blast!  Thanks to all who stopped by to say hi and chat a bit.  Thanks especially to those who bought some comics and signed up for the mailing list.  I had the chance to pick up tons of great work, which I haven’t had time to read all of yet, but a few highlights:

– Floating World Comics & Benjamin Marra’s American Psycho broadsheet newspaper (can you think of anything better?)

– Marni Galloway’s In the Sounds and Seas (gorgeous work!)

Animal Sex #3 by Isabella Rotman & Moxie Morons  by Talya Modlin (keep an eye on these two!)

– and tons more I’m sure I’ll find as I finish unpacking.

Also, wanted to say thanks for the shout out from the 11 O’Clock Comics podcast!


 I was delayed a tad in posting due to the ol’ iMac being in the shop, and my exile in the state of Nebraska for a week (see below):

I guess calling it an ‘exile’ isn’t fair.  I’ll be back next week with another Gary update (promise I’m close to finishing book 3), and some news about MORE conventions I’ll be at!

– Tyrell

C.A.K.E this weekend!

Hello dear reader!  I have returned!

I’m happy to say that the move went very well.  I have some of the kindest, most helpful friends on the planet.  It’s truly a blessing to have them in situations like these.  Thanks guys!

The studio is set up!

I am STOKED about the new studio.  As you can see, I have all I need in one place.  The opposite side of the room houses Ms. T’s studio (pictures are forthcoming), so I couldn’t ask for more good things in one place.  Quite a step up from a drawing table next to the bed.  I’m hoping next time I post I’ll have the wall covered with reference, art by my heroes, and things that generally keep me motivated.  The first thing I’ve cooked up in the new studio is…

An edition of 15 new prints of the Simon: Symmetry minis.  These are a tad larger than last time and happen to be on one of my favorite new paper stocks.  These will be available at…

Let me tell you friends, this show looks to be amazing.  There is a fantastic collection of artists exhibiting.  And it’s FREE!  That means you can take that money you saved on admission and spend it on superb comics by the best artists that Chicago, America, and beyond have to offer!  In particular, I strongly recommend you check out:

Reid Psaltis

Kenan Rubenstein

Josh Shalek

Sean Dove (my tablemate)

Beth Hetland (my other tablemate)

Mr. Jeff Brown (I think you’ve probably heard of him)

There are TONs of other artists so you do NOT want to miss this show.  Here are the details:

Columbia College’s Ludington Building
1104 S Wabash, Chicago, Illinois
Saturday & Sunday 11am – 6pm
Free and Open to the Public!

Please come down and say hi!  I’ll have the aforementioned Simon books, along with Gary 1-2, the Simon Collection, and some other goodies.  Mention this blog post and I’ll offer a kind discount!

See you there!