C.A.K.E. Post-Carnage

C.A.K.E. has come and gone, my friends.  And what a show!

The table I shared with Bethicus Maximus

The show was a blast!  Thanks to all who stopped by to say hi and chat a bit.  Thanks especially to those who bought some comics and signed up for the mailing list.  I had the chance to pick up tons of great work, which I haven’t had time to read all of yet, but a few highlights:

– Floating World Comics & Benjamin Marra’s American Psycho broadsheet newspaper (can you think of anything better?)

– Marni Galloway’s In the Sounds and Seas (gorgeous work!)

Animal Sex #3 by Isabella Rotman & Moxie Morons  by Talya Modlin (keep an eye on these two!)

– and tons more I’m sure I’ll find as I finish unpacking.

Also, wanted to say thanks for the shout out from the 11 O’Clock Comics podcast!


 I was delayed a tad in posting due to the ol’ iMac being in the shop, and my exile in the state of Nebraska for a week (see below):

I guess calling it an ‘exile’ isn’t fair.  I’ll be back next week with another Gary update (promise I’m close to finishing book 3), and some news about MORE conventions I’ll be at!

– Tyrell


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