“Everything that has a beginning, has an end.”


I’ve been wanting to do a ‘wrap-up’ post regarding Gary ever since finishing Book Three a month or two ago.  It was quite a journey finishing a book about a serial killer.  I never anticipated how draining this process would be mentally and emotionally.  I am a person with a pretty strong stomach and a long history with all types of horror films.  In creating this book, I was no longer allowed to have that disconnect that makes some gruesome things easier to process.  This was always my intent for the reader, but I never anticipated how much this would carry over to me (and how much I needed it!)

Below is the conclusion from the final pages of Book Three.  I’ll put that here for any of you folks that haven’t got the book yet.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t show you how the book ends, it’s only a compilation of my thoughts.

Book Three is the final chapter of Gary. This graphic novel started as a way to explore something I didn’t understand. We share the world with individuals such as Gary Ridgway, and this can be an extremely difficult fact to come to terms with. He seems to feel little or no empathy, a trait that certainly contributed to the large number of victims he left behind. Conversely, he was someone who led a fairly unremarkable life that many of us can find relatable. We often take comfort in the myth that all serial killers are “insane” or “mentally unstable”. However, the facts of Gary’s case make it difficult for me to dismiss him as such. I intended to directly confront this contradiction of identity in Gary. We gain an understanding of each other’s identities in bits and pieces. Each moment spent with another person builds on the previous, slowly forming our picture of their identity. However, many times we are met with incongruences that re-contextualize our perceptions. This constant battle between knowing and questioning is something we all struggle with as we engage with others. Gary is also a presentation of this struggle, as it happens internally, and as we perceive it externally. I do not mean any disservice to the victims, their families, or the authorities. I do not condone any action of Gary Ridgway, nor do I wish to make him the protagonist of this story. He has been apprehended and judged thanks to the work of brave and diligent members of our legal system. I hope you are confronted with some tough questions when you read Gary. But I also hope you see the connection to our everyday struggle to truly understand one another. I believe that forming deep bonds with other people is the most worthwhile and rewarding aspect of our lives, but it is also the most difficult.


So I have two projects in the works.  I am very excited about both, so I wanted to introduce you to some of the characters.  First up is the book I’m writing/drawing/etc:



Also, I’m working on a book with my long time friend and sometimes collaborator, the infamous John Wright II.  John will be handling the art, and I wanted to showcase his sketches below:

The Brenner Brothers

Captain Ultimo

The Cage

Look for more about these two projects in the coming weeks/months/years (?).


I realized most of the blogs I really enjoy take the time to just post up some stuff they are looking at lately.  I love this peek into the inspirations that trickle into their work.  So…

Paul Pope‘s Battling Boy is FINALLY coming out… sometime…

Why not another pope?

Durer Monogram.  You’ll be seeing a lot of him here in the next couple years.

Durer woodcut.

Yoshiaki Kawajiri’s Running Man.  Intense.

thanks folks!



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