Slowly (but surely?)

Sometimes things go slower than I want them to.  I have a long history of being a bit high strung and OCD.  As of late, I’m exploring some new techniques to help me be a little less controlling and restrained in my work.  I’m not sure I totally get it yet, but it’s all a process, right?

More sneak peeks:


Finally broke down and started trying the blue pencil method.  It’s been a learning experience.

Yes, there will be chase scenes in this comic.

And some stuff by John Wright from our collaboration.  Those of you with a keen eye may have caught the title in the last post.  17 points to anyone who guesses it right:

Charlie Brenner Brenner, young & old.  Ready to fight.

Some stuff I’ve been looking at:

Raoh from Fist of the North Star.  I mean… look at that arm!  Working on the collaboration with John, I’m attempting to emulate villains that have that ‘larger than life’ quality.  Roah is just a total badass.

Hideo Yamamoto has a really nice take on speed lines in the way he depicts action in Ichi the Killer.  The calmness of Ichi mixed with the speed of the attacker in that first panel.  MMMmmm!  I can’t get enough!

Note: These two pages are not in sequence.  There’s a few between them

The first time I saw this page by Rand Holmes, it kinda blew my mind.  Honestly, it still does.  There is something about this illustration that overwhelms you with a awe.  I prefer science fiction that can bring this magic feeling, whether the technical aspects are based in specific scientific fact or not.

Guess who that is, bub.  Yup, your favorite Canadian.  There was this really cool story in Marvel Comics Presents #93 that had Logan living in the wilderness as a trapper.  This was pre-Origin, so instead of Logan having claws (or a specific age, or the wrong name, or any of that other trash from Origin), he had these awesome knives and some good ol’ black powder guns.  When I first saw this image I couldn’t get over how cool this rendition of Logan was.  It was one of the first comics I ever had and still reminds me of how cool this character could be.

And of course… Moebius’s Arzak.  Not much more can be said about this guy.  Remember to always feed your Pterosaur folks!

– Tyrell


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