Hey there…

Thought it was time to actually post some images of stuff I’ve been up to:

Here is a quick shot of me installing and another shot of my installation in the Artwork6 Exhibition at the SAIC Sullivan Gallery:

gapprev1 gapprev

Thanks to Christina for the picture of my installation.  There is some fantastic work in the show, so please come by and take a look.

Here is a new Simon mini-foldy comic that I’ll be premiering at my next convention:

atlasprev atlasprev1

I’ll have more info about the conventions I’m attending in the next post.

And here is the first official poster/image/promo for my next project Victus.  It features the character Celeste, but you can call her ‘Cel’.  More of these are on the way and will also be available for purchase as prints.


Hope you are all well!



4 Comments on “Work”

  1. You are crazy talented!! How do you have time to do all this? Let’s hang out soon, please – as Colette would say, “I’m starving already!”

  2. So much talent… so little time. Nice work, bub.

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