I went to Chicago Zinefest 2013

Chicago Zinefest ROCKS!

I had tabled at Zinefest in the past, but this year I opted to just attend and enjoy the show.  And boy did I!  This show was full of some awesome folks!  Here’s some of what I saw:


The Great and Powerful Beth Hetland had her Hourly Comics minis available!

Zinefest13_HendricksThe always fantastic R. Hendricks (Stranger Two Stranger) had this awesome mini of portraits.

Zinefest13_AshleyAshley Elander was, as usual, putting the rest of us to shame by showcasing her phenomenal drawing skills.

Zinefest13_KseniyaYaroshI fell in love with this accordion mini compilation of text book illustrations from Kseniya Yarosh.

Zinefest13_MarnieI was happy to catch up with the lovely Marnie Galloway, who had the new editions of In the Sounds and Seas.

Zinefest13_ChrisGarciaNext to Marnie, I discovered a talented gentleman named Chris Garcia.  He had previews of his upcoming beautiful first comic  ever (!)

Zinefest13_ComerfordAnd the youngest and most enthusiastic exhibitor at the show had to be Henry Comerford!  Super awesome one page comics!

All in all, Zinefest 2013 was a blast.  I can’t wait to see more from all these folks.  I really need to table here next year!

Here’s a preview of a new Simon comic I’m cooking up…


I thought I had posted this before, but I guess not:


I did this poster for the fine folks over at In This Issue Podcast.  It just so happens I’ll be tabling with these goofballs at TRICON in 3 weeks!

Thanks for checking in ya’ll!

– Tyrell


Emerald City Comicon Post-Carnage Report

Wow, what a great weekend in Seattle!  Thanks to everyone who came out to Emerald City Comicon 2013 and said hi!  Extra special thanks if you were kind enough to purchase something from me.  ECCC 2013 was a madhouse.  A good mix of cosplayers, comic nerds, art connoisseurs, and indie comix fans.  Here’s the story in pictures folks:


Me and my table.

ECCC-13-joshMy gracious tablemate Josh Shalek signing for a fan.

ECCC-13-janI was SUPER stoked when I saw that Simon Roy had copies of the out-of-print Jan’s Atomic Heart at his table.

ECCC-13-royI’m a huge fan of Prophet, as you know.

Simon was also kind enough to sign my Prophet TPB.  Dirty man that Simon Roy…


I was lucky to have m’lady T-money along on this trip.  She snapped this Reservoir Dogs Shot of me.

ECCC-13-toppotAnd of course, I had to try the fabled Top Pot Doughnuts.  I was not disappointed.

It was great to meet some new folks in this new city.  But I was happy to see the friendly faces of my talented friends:

Reid Psaltis… Reid’s new prints are absolutely beautiful.  Check them out!

Jack Bracken… A wordsmith supreme!

and of course Josh Shalek, one of the best table-mates ever.  Josh’s Welcome to Falling Rock is a fine piece of cartooning.  Get on board now!

I had some previews of my new book Victus at the show, which I’m happy to say I ran out of.  Here’s another little peek at work in progress:


Thats all for now.  More next week!