Tricon Post-Carnage Report

Whew!  Another weekend another convention!

I had a blast at Tricon this past weekend.  I was tabling with my pal Justin Fah and his podcast In This Issue, which happened to be the OFFICIAL podcast for the show.  The folks of Huntington, West Virginia were extremely kind and welcoming to us folks from out of state.  I wanted to thank everyone who came out to the show and said hi!


At the table, Justin and crew (Piasecki & Bogner) had the ol’ creator corner going, which was awesome.  Basically, they provide you with information pulled from a hat (like a comic book hero, a villain, a plot device, and a setting) and then you come up with a story on the fly.  The prize is your story on the podcast and a sweet print of the In This Issue Poster that I did.  Here is one fan donning the ‘Weapon X’ helmut and telling In This Issue his story:

Tricon-creatorcornerYou really need to hear some of the stories folks cooked up!  To hear all the stories, as well as creator interviews and other convention coverage, you can subscribe to In This Issue on itunes or listen at their website.

We also had some help from this guy:


The next show you can see me at is Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, OR at the end of this month!  I’ll have more details on that soon.

Here are a couple peeks at Victus:


Mr. Moore is helping me with the cover to Victus #1

pages pages pages!



Sorry to keep teasing you.  I assure you the book will be ready soon!

Hadn’t posted any ‘here’s what I’ve been looking at lately’ images in a while.  So…


bernieBernie Wrightson doing what he does best.


The Saga of Swamp Thing.

eternalsThe Eternals.  By the eternal Jack Kirby.

vinylAnd this little ad was in the Eternals comic.  Amazing.

Thanks for reading ya’ll!  Be seeing you in a week or so!

– Tyrell


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