We were always coming back…

Hey hey!  Been a while!  Sorry for the silence.  Things have been busy, but good!  I wanted to take a minute and give some quick updates, and post some pics of what’s happenin’…

New Episode of Back Issues Podcast is up!

Justin and I spend some time analyzing Geof Darrow and Frank Miller’s Big Guy and Rusty, but also proclaim our love for Pacific Rim!  Check it out:

Back Issues #4

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So, yesterday I was in the ultimate comic art battle at MCA!  Hosted by the great Ezra Clayton Daniels!  Here are some pics:

photo 2 photo 8 photo 10

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis happened to be there too.  Sorry I was too busy to get a pic of them.


Victus #2 is coming along.  Here are some peeks…

victus2prev_1 victus2prev_2 victus2prev_3 victus2prev_4


John has finished layouts for all of issue #1.  Here is a snap of some pages…

17 9


Here’s some stuff I’ve been looking at lately…

eva1 eva2

Been Re-watching Neon Genesis Evangelion.  Amazing stuff.


A leaf I found on one of my walks.

Ranx1 Ranx2RANX by Liberatore

Thanks for reading ya’ll!  More news coming!

– Tyrell