SPX 2013 Post-Carnage Report (and new interview!)

Hello out there!

Well SPX 2013 has come and gone.  I’m very glad to have finally participated in this show, after years of hearing about it.


my table!


A commission I did for a Hellboy sketchbook (I cheated and did Amazing Screw-On Head)


Original Pancake House w/Josh Shalek (nicest guy in comics)

SPX13food2Some delicious vegetarian ‘duck’ with pumpkin hot pot.  w/Kenan, Cate, Neil, & Josh

Everyone was extremely kind in Bathesda, MD.  Thanks to everyone who came by the table to say hi and bought some comics!


So… I had the chance to do a nice interview with the folks over at IndieReader.com.  We talked a bit about my process, why I make comics, stuff I’m reading, etc.  Take a gander:

Firing On All Cylinders


Thanks to Steve Urena for the fantastic interview questions!


So hey.  I finally broke down and did it.  I got a Twitter.  And a Tumblr.  If you are someone who follows those things, please follow me.  Be gentle though… I’m new at this.



And some links should be showing up at the bottom of this page now… I think?


BWSconan advice orangsun

Thanks ya’ll for reading!

– Tyrell

SPX 2013!

Hey ya’ll!

Quick post here to let everyone know I’ll be at Small Press eXpo this weekend in Bathseda, Maryland!  I’m very excited, as I’ve heard great things about this show ever since I started exhibiting at cons.  It also helps that it’ll be a room full of amazing artists whose work I love and respect.  It’s especially good to see some of the Panel Savants there:

Neil Brideau

Kenan Rubenstein

Josh Shalek

Along with my good pals:

Marnie Galloway

Beth Hetland!

Here is a map of where to find us this weekend:


Please come by and say hi!  If you mention the blog, I’ll have some free swag for you!


New episode of Back Issues is up!  Justin and I put a bullet in the head of Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt.  Well worth a listen, as it’s the first book we didn’t gush over:

Kraven’s Last Hunt


Yeah, still plugging away.  Here is today’s snippet:

Victus2-4 Victus2-5


A new pal, Scott Kroll, posted a very cool short sci fi story.  Please take a look:


click click click

I really like this:

BWS solar

Hope to see some of you this weekend!  A full report will follow after the show!

– Tyrell

Still Alive

Geez, where did August go?

Sorry for the lack up updates.  It’s been a busy month of drawing, work, drawing, concerts, drawing, friends, and drawing.  Couple neat things…


The extremely talented Max Miller was kind enough to ask me 9 questions on his blog, which I did my best to answer:


Thanks Max!

Wizard World Chicago has come and gone.  Though I think the show itself is not fantastic, I did get a chance to hang with pals Daniel Warren Johnson (Space-Mullet) and Mike Mano (Princess Bride illustrator).  It was good times.  And I had the fortune of meeting a new artist whose work impressed me a lot:

J.M. Dragunas


We had a good chat about Durer, engravings, and medieval art in general.  Check his stuff out!

Other than that, I’ve been working on Victus #2 and enjoying the summer.  Here is my life in pictures:


Victus #2 is in inking stages nowVictusdesk9

Referencing issue #1 as I sketch out new pagesVictus2-1

Victus #2 is full of some new mysteries

And yes… LOTS of bricksVictus2-3

Here is an example of the thumbnails for Victus #2Durer-aic

Spent some time with Durer at the AIChokusai

Said hi to Hokusai too


Made a couple trips to Doughnut Vault this month… drool…clouds2Enjoying the cloudy days in Chicago lately

Thanks for checking in ya’ll!  Some new stuff is headed your way next week so come back and visit!

– Tyrell