Still Alive

Geez, where did August go?

Sorry for the lack up updates.  It’s been a busy month of drawing, work, drawing, concerts, drawing, friends, and drawing.  Couple neat things…


The extremely talented Max Miller was kind enough to ask me 9 questions on his blog, which I did my best to answer:


Thanks Max!

Wizard World Chicago has come and gone.  Though I think the show itself is not fantastic, I did get a chance to hang with pals Daniel Warren Johnson (Space-Mullet) and Mike Mano (Princess Bride illustrator).  It was good times.  And I had the fortune of meeting a new artist whose work impressed me a lot:

J.M. Dragunas


We had a good chat about Durer, engravings, and medieval art in general.  Check his stuff out!

Other than that, I’ve been working on Victus #2 and enjoying the summer.  Here is my life in pictures:


Victus #2 is in inking stages nowVictusdesk9

Referencing issue #1 as I sketch out new pagesVictus2-1

Victus #2 is full of some new mysteries

And yes… LOTS of bricksVictus2-3

Here is an example of the thumbnails for Victus #2Durer-aic

Spent some time with Durer at the AIChokusai

Said hi to Hokusai too


Made a couple trips to Doughnut Vault this month… drool…clouds2Enjoying the cloudy days in Chicago lately

Thanks for checking in ya’ll!  Some new stuff is headed your way next week so come back and visit!

– Tyrell


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