Time after Time


Been busy with Victus #2.  I’m happy to say there is only 1 page left to draw.  But don’t hold your breath just yet.  I have to finish the covers and title pages. Here are some peeks:

victus2prev_7 victus2prev_8 victus2prev_9All that and…


Last weekend I recorded a time-lapse video of me inking a page from Victus #2.  Check it out:

Oh hey, a vague release date!  Way to go me.  More video content is on the way next week!


Stuff I have been looking at:


Old Frank Frazetta pagealfredo alcala. voltar. 002Alfredo Alcala with some awe-inspiring inks

tumblr_mqpnnobdD71rhjbado2_1280Wally Wood tearin’ it up on Weird Science

wolvie-erskineI couldn’t resist this Punisher/Wolverine for a $1 at the comic shop last week!

wolvie-erskine1I love the way Gary Erskine draws wolverine.  Check out his ‘disguise’.

wolvie-erskine2Dart!  I like Wolverines hair here.  I could do a whole post on odd-ball representations of Wolverine.


I met this dude named Dave Chisholm at SPX who is working on an awesome comic about a guy with a magic trumpet.  This is one of the more interesting and well-made comics I’ve seen lately.  It’s got the energy of Pope and Jeff Smith. I highly recommend you check it out!




A panoramic of me and Mrs. T’s studio


Some donuts from Do-Rite Donuts!


And of course, I always need to throw some clouds in there.

I have some more exciting projects/announcements on the way.  Stay tuned!

– Tyrell


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