Tetsuo’s Brain Frame of Reference

Been a while folks.  Been extremely busy getting Victus #2 ready (I know I know… you’re tired of hearing it).  But the files are at the printer and I should be getting a proof this week.  Hopefully, pre-order options will be available next week.  In the meantime, I wanted to post some of the imagery I’ve used as reference in creating the visuals of Victus.

Image (4)

King Kirby is right up there with Durer for my influences.

I discovered Franklin Booth when researching.  Check Him Out!


Coat of arms design has always intrigued me.

mayer gift2a

In a perfect world, this is how the Victus covers would be printed.  Hand bound and embossed with beautiful rich colors.  I long for the days when books are once again regarded as precious objects to be treasured by the maker and the reader.


I wanted the city to dance between feeling realistic in perspective and having the flat quality of 16th century paintings.


The mood and presence captured in Ernst Oehme’s paintings are incredibly striking.  You get a sense of a place, a time, and an emotion in every painting.  Check Him Out too!

An early rendition of Nuremberg.  This is exactly the kind of city I wanted to emulate in Victus, historically and visually.


Issue #3 will feature something to tie this in…

I encourage everyone to look at as many works of art and nature as you can when preparing for a project.  I love the process of discovery that accompanies visual research.  It’s like falling in love for the first time.  But without the inevitable nasty breakup.


I was honored to be a guest blogger on Ideas Made of Light, hosted by the great Scott McD.  Here is a link to my post where I take a close look at this Akira title page by manga-god Katsuhiro Otomo:

Screen shot 2013-12-02 at 6.59.11 PM

Tetsuo Triumphant

Scott’s blog analyzes all different types of artwork.  If you’ve never read it, I highly recommend you do so.  Every artist or art enthusiast can learn something from Scott’s insights.


If I haven’t mentioned it yet, I’ll be doing a reading at the wold famous Brain Frame in January.  I’m composing a performance specifically for the show, so I encourage anyone in the Chicago area that to come out for comics chaos!  I’ll have more details closer to the date, but here are some of the sketches I’m working on, along with some Prophet fan art and a creepy pic of me lightboxing:

Simon-piece-1 2IMG_4647 IMG_4628

IMG_4650 IMG_4568

I have more exciting news on the way, but I can’t quite announce it yet.  But if you like Sci-fi, you’ll want to stayed tuned.

– Tyrell


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