Stumptown 2013 Post-Carnage Report

Holy cow, folks!  What a weekend!  Stumptown Comics Fest was fantastic! Thank you to everyone who came by to show support or purchase some books from the amazing artists exhibiting.   Before I launch into Stumptown details, a couple quick announcements:


I have started a (hopefully) ongoing podcast with Justin Fah of In This Issue Podcast, where we analyze older comics that we find interesting or declare “must read’s”. The first one was released this week. Check it out as we discuss Green Lantern: Willworld, drawn by one of my favorite artists, Seth Fisher.  Click below or subscribe to In This Issue podcast on iTunes:

Back Issues- Green Lantern Willworld


Those fine folks over at Spandexless saw fit to finish up the Gary series with another kind review:

Gary: Book Three Review

Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 10.33.28 PM

They also took the time to explore one of my older Simon comics, “Mercy”

Simon: “Mercy” Analysis

Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 10.33.42 PM

Now on to the wacky exploits at STUMPTOWN…


Manning the table with me was my trusty sidekick (and younger brother) Logan.  

He also helped create the newest Simon comic, which we had available at the show.

stump13-jamSo attendees were given these awesome jam-poster one sheets, which they could bring to artists to fill in.  

I did a few throughout the weekend, including this Simon piece.

stump13-jam1I was stoked to also contribute to a jam poster featuring one of my current comic heroes, Brandon Graham.

I’d like to think this is just our first collaboration.


Speaking of Brandon Graham, I geeked out at how he one-upped Simon Roy’s signature on my

Prophet TPB.  Farel Dalrymple also added his own touch.  Dirty fellows.

I also picked up Farel’s It Will All Hurt from Study Group Comics.

stump13-jackI was fortunate to be surrounded on all sides by some of my amazing comic book colleagues,

including Mr. Jack Bracken, who did this wonderfully racy poem for me.

stump13-IPRCReid Psaltis took a time out to show me around Portland’s very own IPRC.  Cool joint!


And of course, there was much food and drink to be had.  From left to right/top to bottom:

Broder, Pacific Pie (x2), Little Big Burger, Biwa, Blue Star Donuts, Lardo’s, Teardrop, more Blue Star.

Not pictured: Bunk, Luc Lac, Pine State Biscuits, Wurst

I’m not great about taking pictures, so you’ll have to look through the Stumptown Tumblr to find more shots of me and other exhibitors.


In the 11th hour, I was invited to participate in the famous Art Battle at the Stumptown afterparty, hosted by Ezra Clayton Daniels!  My team was doomed to lose as we were the ‘away team’ vs. the Portland home team.  But we gave it our best shot, fighting through language barriers (I’ve never had to explain auto-erotic asphyxiation to a frenchman before), shake-weights, and insults.  Really, I thought including Robocop in our G.I. Joe team drawing would ensure our win.  But hey, it was all in good fun.

I had an awesome trip.  Special shout out to The Con Crew: Josh Shalek, Neil Brideau, Reid Psaltis, Kenan Rubenstein, & Jack Bracken.  Finally all of us in one place!  Couldn’t ask for a better group of creators to share a convention with.   Also it was great to see the incorrigible Beth Hetland, the lovely Nomi Kane, and the edgy Ezra Clayton Daniels.

I have some BIG announcements coming in my next post. So stayed tuned next week for the details!

Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 10.15.01 PM

stump13-hoodbye bye Portland…

I Get Around

I’m stoked to announce that Gary: Book Three is now available at these fine retailers:



Challengers Comics + Conversation

Graham Crackers Comics (downtown)


Star Clipper


I’ve been traveling a lot lately.  From LA to Vegas to Missouri.  Crazy times:

That never gets old

Lotus of Siam in Las Vegas is the best thai food I’ve had outside of Thailand

The lovely textures the weather adds


I’m still plugging away at the sci-fi reading list.  Currently entrenched in one of the more well known steampunk books The Difference Engine.  Good stuff.  I also wanted to mention two great independent sci-fi comics I recently purchased:

Expansion: Part 4 (the conclusion to a fantastic series)

MOA-192B (from the team over at Decadence Comics)

Thank you all again for your support!  If you haven’t already gotten your copy of Gary: Book Three, please stop by the fine retailers listed earlier and take a look!

– Tyrell

Gary: Book 3 for sale! Comikaze post-carnage!

I’m am extremely happy to say that Gary: Book Three is now available for purchase via


This is the final book in the Gary series!  I have been working with a new printer called Rink, and they did a fantastic job on this book.  I couldn’t be happier with the result and I hope you all enjoy Book Three as well!


I had an awesome time at Comikaze this weekend!  My fellow exhibitors were kind and the show felt very welcoming.  My table was HUGE, and I had a hard time filling it up with product.  But I tried:

I take comics VERY seriously

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table and said hi or purchased a book!  The only celebrity spotting for me this trip was Badger from (thebestshowonTV) Breaking Bad.  He did not try to sell me meth.


I also hit some of my favorite LA food spots and try some new ones:

clockwise: Al pastor burrito- La Estrella; Animal fries- In N Out; Chicharones & Burger- Father’s Office

I will continue to post my process in creating Gary in the coming months, so please keep checking in.  I will also have more information about my next (2) projects soon!


– Tyrell

Stumptown Comics Fest!

Finally had a chance to post my thoughts on Stumptown Comics Fest, which I had the honor of tabling at this past weekend.  It was my first time tabling at the event and I’d like to say a big thanks to everyone who came out and showed their support for the artists!  Here are some shots from the show:

My table

The Floor

The guys: From left to right, Reid Psaltis, Josh Shalek, Kenan Rubenstein, & Neil Brideau (apologies to Kenan for catching him mid coffee gulp).  Couldn’t ask for better table-mates than these guys!

A huge thanks to Reid & Neil in particular for helping me get into the show in the first place.  If you haven’t seen the amazing work of these fellows, check it out:

Reid Psaltis… Cryptozoology.  Need I say more?

Neil Brideau… Neil’s handcrafted books have a charm all their own

Kenan Rubenstein… Kenan’s calender comic ‘Tick’ blew my mind.  He is also the foldy comics guy!

Josh Shalek… very few can master the 3-5 panel comic strip.  Josh is one of those few.


Expansion #2 by Malachi Ward & Matt Sheean.  Dare I say these gents are creating the finest sci-fi comics currently available?

Amy in the Spring of 1990 by Colin Ryono & Mike Skrzynski.  A touching, yet funny little tale of a crush that came & went.  Buy it

FOOD...Oh yes, there was also food to be eaten in Portland:

Again, thanks to all who came out and showed support!  It was a warm welcome to the Pacific Northwest and Stumptown Fest!

– Tyrell