Inspiration in Italy

I married my loverly lady Tina on October 10th.  Here we are:



As beautiful as the wedding turned out… I’m so glad it’s over.  And I never want to plan one of those things again!

A few days after the wedding, we whisked ourselves away to Italy!  As youngsters in art school, Tina and I both studied a lot of art history.  So finally getting to the land of the renaissance was a dream we were excited to fulfill.  We decided that rather than trying to see all of Italy, it would be best to pick a couple spots and really take the time to enjoy them.  We landed on (har har) Rome and Florence.


A few quick notes on Rome:

  • There are no street signs.  The street names are on plaques about 10 feet up on the sides of buildings.  This would have been useful information before landing and trying to find our own way to the BnB.
  • The streets are small and the cars/scooters zoom through.  Walk to with caution.
  • No one cleans up the dog poop there.  WALK WITH CAUTION.
  • Bidets are weird.
  • Two types of flushing for toilets (large load & small load) is very cool though.
  • Everyone smokes everywhere.

We set our sights on the big attractions…

The Colosseum

This place really blew my mind.  I mean, I’ve seen it in movies and knew a little bit about it, but seeing it in person and learning more of the loooooong history added a new perspective for me on that place and human history in general.

Capital Hill & the Roman Forum

We lucked out and the weather was perfect on the day we walked around the large area of Roman ruins.

IMG_8750 IMG_7539

Again, seeing the remnants of this great society really made me think a lot.  In a good way.  This was a lot of walking too, which I love.  But we were pretty exhausted at the end of the day.

Borghese Gallery

IMG_8773 IMG_7611 IMG_7593

This is a cute little museum in the middle of a large park.  You go here to see Bernini sculptures.  And honestly, that’s worth the trip.  There is a dynamism and romance to his work that is unparalleled.

The Vatican Museum


Easily the most crowded and uncomfortable experience of the whole trip, the Vatican was saved by the incredible pieces of art contained within.  It’s no secret to those who know me that I’m a HUGE Michelangelo fan, and the Sistine Chapel ceiling (and wall) is one of my all-time favorite pieces of art.  The actual process of getting TO the chapel and viewing the ceiling is… awful.  But man… once I was looking up at that ceiling… one I have looked at pictures of in books hundreds of times since I was a kid… every concern in the world melted away.  Seeing that piece in person was invigorating.  My heart pumped and my eyes couldn’t blink.  I was in love all over again.


We also saw some of my other favorites like Laocoon & Sons and Mikey’s favorite torso.

IMG_7655 IMG_8801

And of course, some Raphael.  Standing in front of The Transfiguration was a treat.


If you plan to go to the Vatican, get your tickets ahead of time.  Show up for your assigned entry time right on time (don’t be early or late, as they won’t let you in).  And be prepared to shuffle through the incredibly crowded halls like a zombie, while everyone around you is taking hundreds of pictures of things without even looking at them.  Beware of selfie-sticks! 


Florence was much more my style.  Less crowded, cleaner, and a little slower paced.  LOTS of art to see here.

Quick notes on Florence:

  • Address numbers do not follow a block-by-block system.  They just start somewhere arbitrary and count up as you walk down the street.  To make matters worse, there are two kinds of numbers.  RED for businesses and BLACK for residential.  So if a street has a lot of businesses, you might go through 30 red numbers, but only 2 black numbers.  So your block could be red number 45 but residential number 10.  This makes it kinda hard to gauge how far you are from your target destination.
  • The streets downtown are closed off to vehicles.  So you can walk wherever you want. THIS IS AWESOME.
  • No one cleans up the dog poop here either.  WALK WITH CAUTION.
  • Bidets are still weird.
  • ALWAYS get the house wine.

The Accademia

IMG_7744 IMG_8837 IMG_8846 IMG_8877

Home to Michelangelo’s David, as well as his unfinished dying slaves and a pieta (another of my personal favorites), this museum was very chill.  I was even able to sit for a bit and draw!

The Bargello


IMG_8914 IMG_8925 IMG_8919 IMG_8940

Home to some fantastic sculptures, this is also a much less crowded museum.  We had a relaxing stroll through, seeing more Mikey and some Donatello.  I gained a whole new interest and perspective on Donatello, and I’m excited to really dig into his work more.



As galleries go, Uffizi was easily the best designed and robust that we attended while in Italy.  The flow of art was logical and each piece was given tons of breathing room.  The museum was more crowded than Accademia and Bargello, but still really open and manageable.  We spent almost 4 hours in this place!


Michelangelo’s Doni Tondo.  One of his only surviving (non-fresco) paintings. IMG_7821

Botticelli was Tina’s favorite.

The Medici Chapel


This was one of our favorite places to visit.  The main chapel had a stillness that was very refreshing.  I was able to spend tons of time with Michelangelo’s sculptures in the tomb, with like, maybe 10 other people in the room.  Incredible!

IMG_8861 IMG_8856 IMG_8873 IMG_8868

The Duomo



We were literally staying a block from the Duomo.   It’s the centerpiece of Florence’s downtown.  Totally overwhelming in scale and covered in a green and cream palette, we quite liked having it near by.  Near the end of our trip, we climbed to the top of the dome (463 steps!)


The view was well-worth the climb.


We saw a lot of other awesome stuff…

Fiesole, the Evanston or Hollywood Hills of Florence.  It’s a cute (and rich) town at the top of the hill over Florence.  Great views up there.


And ate some good food…


Wild Boar & Pappardelle.  So good.  We got this a couple times.


Tuscan meatballs & potatoes from Pensavo Peggio (our favorite meal in Florence)









The river had some nice viewsIMG_9003

The Pitti Palace museum had some weird stuff.


This guy.


St. PetersIMG_8809

Found a really cool Akira collection (but didn’t buy it)


The train ride from Rome to Florence.


All-in-all… a perfect honeymoon with my perfect partner.


Comics Life

I’m back.  Been busy with some stuff.


I ran a kickstarter for Speculative Relationships: Volume 2 with my pal Scott Kroll.  We got funded!  Here’s what it looks like:


We have some super awesome contributors in this one.  Each artist is on their way to having amazing careers making comics and they all turned in mind-blowing stories. I’m so proud of the team and proud to say we have an amazing diverse group of creators telling unique heart-felt stories.  There is a lot of scifi out there right now, which is great. But… A lot of it tends to fall into some of the same old tropes.  Even the best stuff tends to focus on dudes fighting bad aliens or robots.  Don’t get me wrong, that stuff is fine (I mean, Predator is one of my all-time favorite movies).  But I feel pretty strongly that when a genre is en vogue, it’s important to take advantage of that to showcase ideas and creators that are under-represented within it. To that point, Isabella Rotman and I talked about diversity in comics a bit in this interview for Speculative Relationships:

I also really loved this thing that Ben Passmore (one of our contributors) posted:

I’m not a huge reader of Sci-fi or speculative fiction, in part because much of what I’ve come across is a thinly veiled narrative supporting some of the oldest oppressive ideas (colonialism, magic white dudes, ect.). Chunky young brown Ben wasn’t super into that, not because of some deep political analysis, but because I felt expected to be a magical white guy and that stressed me out. The comics in this anthology stray from this, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot, and it’s totally worth it for there to be narratives that are different in the word so that little chunky brown kids are less stressed. 

We also did a bunch of interviews to promote the book.  You can check them out here:

Speculative Relationships Creator Spotlights

I feel really good about the results in the book and I can’t wait to get it into more hands once we finalize the printing.


I’ve done a few different things for some things.  Here’s the line art for a pinup I did for Image Comics Dark Engine:


Which should be out soon-ish?  And the final is in color.

And here’s a sneak peek at a secret thing I did for a new Dark Horse book by Donny Cates & Eliot Rahal:


I’m in another show at Third Coast Comics in Chicago this weekend.  The show is themed ‘bad guys’ so I had to do an Apocalypse for that:


Here’s a logo I designed for the title page of Aaron Pittman’s cool scifi webcomic Grimfish (which you should read):


Somewhere in the last couple months I also did some Luther Strode fan art for fun:



I haven’t forgotten about Victus and I assure you, the 4th issue is coming.  Here’s some early sketching for the cover design:


I am posting 1 page from the series per week on my tumblr, to lead up to the release of #4.  So if you haven’t read it yet, you can check it out there.  Issues 1-3 are still for sale in my store as well.


Kinship is a project I haven’t talked about much yet.  It’s a comic I’m writing with my brother Logan, and the incredibly talented Drew Alderfer is drawing it.  We are putting together samples for a pitch.  The series follows a group of native americans in the early 1600’s, who have to defend their village from a group of foreign bandits.  We are taking a lot of queues from Seven Samurai and it’s really shaping up to be something special.  Here’s a couple of Drew’s designs for the main good and bad guys:

tumblr_nr88nkeJHf1sj9rrko2_1280 tumblr_nr88nkeJHf1sj9rrko1_1280

I couldn’t be happier with the work Drew is doing and working with my brother on the script has been amazing.  We really hope we can find a home for the series!  It’s about time we see some native american heroes in comics.


Here’s some stuff that’s inspired me lately:

51aY+kA8ljLThis album & band is better than the title implies.


Tradd Moore is KILLING it on Legacy of Luther Strode


My friend Landis has been working on this book.  His hatching is next level.


This Guillaume Singelin Metal Gear thing is drooooollll…


I really liked this new John Vestevich story.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.37.07 PM

There is a really cool show of woodblock prints from different religions at the Art Institute right now.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.35.59 PM

The clouds have been perfect in Chicago lately.  So I’ve been taking a lot of pics.

I’ll try to get back on the wordpress horse.  Thanks for reading!

My Favorite Things of 2014, Part 2: Movies

Part 2 of my Favorite Things of 2014 list.  MOVIES.  It was a decent year for movies, with some big stand-outs for me.  I missed quite a few I wanted to see this year, like The Guest, Fury, Nightcrawler, Birdman, Locke, & Foxcatcher.  Next year I’ll catch up.  But on to the list!


The Raid 2: Berandal


Wow.  Wow wow WOW.  Iko Uwais and Gareth Evans are here to save action films! The original Raid was a perfect blend of simple concept and tight execution, taking the viewer on a brutal ride.  The Raid 2 is definitely a larger film in scope and staging of the fight scenes.  Although some claimed the film is a bit bloated with dialogue scenes, I found the story to be a neat twist on gangster movie tropes, with some nice performances.  Honestly though, the film could have been people talking like chickens whenever there were no fights happening and I’d still have loved it.  Gareth Evans brings back that feeling from older Hong Kong films of really pushing the limits of what you can do when filming action scenes.  He utilizes really long takes, insane camera movements, and super tight editing that builds as the film progresses.  When you finally arrive at the final knife fight, you think you’re ready for what awaits you.  Then you experience one of the most brutal and amazing fight scenes ever committed to film.  Iko and Gareth are 3 for 3 in my opinion and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next.

Short Peace


Otomo is back!  One of my favorite animated films is Memories, which featured 3 Katsuhiro Otomo stories adapted by himself and 2 other directors.  Short Peace is a similar anthology style film, with Otomo’s works being adapted by others.  Otomo directs one portion of the film, which takes place in feudal Japan.  His use of movement and references to Japanese scrolls pulls the viewer in to the chaos of a huge fire.  The other stories are also very well-done, with a huge variety of styles on display.  I was initially a bit turned off by the use of CG in “Posessions” and “Gambo”,  but quickly adjusted and was sucked in.  “Gambo” features a monster fight akin to the ending battle in BPRD: The Long Death, illustrated by James Harren.  Two beastly titans duking it out.   Any fan of animation should definitely give this a look, as it displays a diversity of styles from masters of animation at the top of their game.

Edge of Tomorrow


I had pretty much given up on Tom Cruise scifi movies.  I was so glad I gave this one a shot.  It’s funny, has great action, interesting design work, and Emily Blunt is BAD ASS.  Christopher McQuarrie’s writing is surely responsible for many of the successes of Edge of Tomorrow though.  He takes  a concept that could easily become tiresome and (literally) repetitive and uses it to elevate the dramatic and comedic impact of the film.  The pacing and impact of character moments really elevate it above the cute concept.  Unfortunately, the ending is complete american sci-fi film cop-out material, but I can forgive that.

John Wick


All the dudes are making their ‘tough guy revenge movie’ these days.  From the new Die Hard movies, to Taken, to 3 Days to Kill, to (cringe) The November Man.  But John Wick gets it RIGHT.  I felt like I was watching Raw Deal or Above the Law.  Say what you will about Keanu, but he’s got the chops (literally) for this part. Many of the modern ‘tough guy’ movies rely on some annoying camera and editing work (cough-JasonBourne-cough) to take the place of real punching.  Keanu is certainly no Iko Uwais, but he’s a long way from Kevin Costner.  At the end of the day, I know this is a formulaic revenge movie in a long line of revenge movies.  Just like a burger is always a burger.  But damned if there ain’t some burgers that are perfection from first bite to last.

Jodorowsky’s Dune


It’s a lot of fun to see the plans madman Jodorowsky had for Dune.  It represents a moment in time where you had a lot of amazing artists involved in something ambitious and crazy.  And these artists would almost all go on to work on movies and comics that represent a sea-change in the art-forms.  Don’t get me wrong, Jodorowsky is completely insane, but the inspiration and life he exudes is infectious.  Watch this movie and try NOT to go make art.  It’s impossible.



This movie is bananas.  Lots of fun little touches in the midst of over-the-top everything else.  Well made and a blast to watch.  For me, this is what I’d call a good ‘popcorn movie’.

Honorable Mentions: Big Hero 6, VHS: Viral

Next post will cover music.  To see my favorite comics just look HERE.


My Favorite Things of 2014, Part 1: Comics

Here we are again, another year of comics, movies, and music to inspire!  As in Years Past, I like to compile a list of some of the art that I enjoyed throughout the year.  It’s a good reminder for me to remember what inspires me, but also a chance to share great stuff with others.  I found that this year’s list got pretty big, so I am dividing it up into 3 parts: Comics, Movies, & Music.  Also note, I try not to recycle stuff from previous years, as those lists are still out there to see.  Even though many of those things are still awesome (like Space-Mullet & Prophet).  Now, of course, I’m going to start with Comics!


The Wrenchies, by Farel Dalrymple


This is a what comics are all about.  Farel operates on a different plane with The Wrenchies. The dreamlike storytelling is punctuated by stand-out moments of sadness and introspection.  The inked/watercolored art is absolutely gorgeous.  I was lucky to catch an exhibition of original pages from the book and was dumb-founded by how good they looked in person.  There is no digital trickery here, Farel’s just THAT GOOD.  Shea Hennum over at This Is Infamous wrote a great article about Wrenchies that will do the book more justice than I can, so check that out.  If Wrenchies doesn’t sweep the Ignatz and Eisner awards, I might lose all faith in comics. GET THE WRENCHIES

Death of a Crow, by Liam Cobb


Pay attention folks.  Liam is one to watch.  He posted Death of a Crow on His Tumblr and it spread across the net like wildfire.  And it’s easy to see why.  Wonderfully illustrated and full of symbolism and pathos, it’s a great example of the power of comics.  The reader is drawn in and led to think and draw conclusions about the world presented.  Liam has done quite a few striking short comics on his tumblr so go dig in.

Ritual #3: Vile Decay, by Malachi Ward


Malachi must be Rod Serling re-incarnated.  His scifi/fantasy/speculative fiction has been an invigorating addition to the comics scene for a few years now.  Vile Decay really hits on all cylinders.  Malachi’s illustrations are detailed, while still maintaining a cartooned iconic feel.  Vile Decay explores character relationships through surreal landscapes and violent riots.  The limited color palette and spot-on paper decisions all add up to a book with a unique feeling that enhances the themes within.  GET VILE DECAY

Half Asleep #2-3, by Beth Hetland & Kyle O’Connell


Beth & Kyle turned comics up to 11 a couple years ago with Cycles, which I loved.  Initially, Half Asleep was a hard swallow for me.  But as the series has progressed, they have really found their voice.  O’Connell’s manic concepts spew forth while Hetland uses the tricks of the comics trade to deftly translate the unreal to real.  Characters are expertly developed through their actions rather than drawn out dialogue.  On top of that, each book sports artful screen-printed hand-cut covers.  I’m really excited to see where these two go with Half Asleep next year. GET HALF ASLEEP

Pax Americana, by Frank Quitely & Grant Morrison


Frank Quitely is an illustration god.  He pushes the limits of the medium with each new book, without alienating mainstream sensibilities.  I barely have an understanding of what’s happening in this beautiful book, but I will enjoy digging into it and deciphering the puzzle for months to come.

In the Sounds & Seas: Volume 2, by Marnie Galloway


It was a long time coming, but SO worth the wait.  Marnie’s work has progressed wonderfully since volume 1.  Her illustration style lends itself to the story’s themes of interconnectedness and myth.  She has also grown as a panel to panel storyteller, finding clarity in the small moments portrayed, while still including beautiful stylistic flourishes in each drawing.  In the Sounds & Seas it not like anything else out right now and it showcases a unique voice in the medium. GET IN THE SOUNDS & SEAS

Gardens of Glass, by Lando


Lando is another example of a creator with a strong voice.  Gardens of Glass is a collection of the stories Lando has published through the always trippy scifi collective anthology Decadence Comics.  Seeing the stories side by side, you find that Lando has been building not only a style, but almost a complete world-view.  Each piece compliments the next, re-inforcing ideas and visual queues.  The drawings themselves are beautiful and delicate as well, with clear influences from manga and french comics .  Gardens of Glass was published by Breakdown Press, who are also doing super cool stuff with comics. GET GARDENS OF GLASS

Time Capsule #2, Peow Studios


Much like Breakdown & Decadence Comics, Peow is working with immensely talented artists in creating beautiful book objects.  Time Capsule is one of the best looking Risograph printed comics I’ve come across to date.  The Riso has quickly become a mainstay in indy comics, but no one has quite harnessed the potential of the press like Peow.  Featured in this issue are Stathis Tsemberlidis (of Decadence Comics), Wren Mcdonald, and Matt Sheean (regular collaborator with Malachi Ward & Prophet alumni).  Stathis and Matt’s pieces stand out to me the most, as they both have less focus on traditional narrative.  Stathis shows a figure as it accelerates through time and space, (literally) smashing through touchpoints of human existence.  Matt gives us a strange story featuring children in the woods of a new planet.  Matt has a way of presenting visual and text information that is almost rhythmic and inseparable from eachother. Love it. GET TIME CAPSULE

Prophet: Strikefile #1-2, Brandon Graham, Simon Roy, & The Prophet All Stars


Ok it should be obvious from all my other picks, as well as previous year’s picks, that I’m going to be ALL ABOUT Prophet Strikefile.  As with the series itself, Brandon & friends have taken a concept (the sourcebook comic) and elevated it to something a little smarter, a little prettier, and a lot awesome-r.

Honorable Mention:

 Ghost Fleet, Don Cates & Daniel Warren Johnson


Don’t get me wrong, Ghost Fleet is amazing.  I just have a feeling it’s really going to shine next year.  Daniel is an artist on his way up I’m privy to what he’s cooking up in future issues of Ghost Fleet.  And Donny’s story is pretty bananas.  You need to jump on board now, because Ghost Fleet will blow your mind in 2015.

I’m positive I’ve missed some great books this year.  Please let me know what you think I should check out from 2014!  I’ll be back soon with Part 2, discussing my favorite movies of the year.

Stay Busy

I’ve neglected my poor blog.  What’s crazy is that it’s not because stuff has been slow.  I feel like I’ve been running a marathon for the last 8 months.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’m just gonna ramble here…


The book got printed, delivered, and read by our awesome backers.  I’m so proud of the work we did on this book.  It was so cool to see the pics our backers took with their copies:


So we did a release party at the amazing Challengers comics and a signing at the cool Graham Crackers Comics.



But we have one more event coming up where you can see us and get a copy of the book!  Come see us on October 24th at Quimby’s Bookstore:


We’ll have the book up for sale soon online in both print and digital formats.  I promise to do another post when we get that together.


Man, I can’t wait for you all to see the new issue of Victus.  It has been a BEAST to get through, but I think it represents a big step in my work and hopefully some really intriguing turns in the story.  I’m neck deep in figuring out printing, but once I’ve found the solutions, I’ll put up a pre-order page (with some cool bonuses).  For now, here’s some peeks into the book:

tumblr_n9wsxywJRd1sj9rrko1_500 tumblr_nb8icmY0211sj9rrko1_500 tumblr_nbvdyp5ubg1sj9rrko1_500 tumblr_nab1vxHUrb1sj9rrko1_500 tumblr_nblcxiK6t71sj9rrko1_500


I’ve still been doing some fan art for fun.  Here’s some Prophet:

tumblr_nb10yvqiZk1twn3lko4_500 tumblr_ncuolpotF31sj9rrko1_500 tumblr_ncsqkclESq1sj9rrko1_500

And here’s some fanart from Spread, by Justin Jordan & Kyle Strahm:


Colors by my pal Gerald Proctor.  I would recommend you start picking up Spread, as this badboy might be making an appearance. 😉


Sadly, one of the greatest places in Chicago, HOT DOUG’s, has closed.  It’s cool, as he chose to close, rather than being forced to because of low sales or rent or some other nonsense.  Doug’s was a special place that I frequented since college and always tried to take Chicago visitors to.  Doug said some awesome stuff about it in this interview, so Read It.


I’ve been really inspired by this stuff lately…


Grim Wilkins is doing some really cool stuff in Prophet, but in general rocks.  Check him out.

Marble man for site

Lando, of Decadence Comics, just had a compilation released from Breakdown Press called Gardens of Glass.  It’s the real deal.


REM by M.R. Trower is a super cool web-comic and I’m excited to see where it goes.


Liam Cobb.  Basically, everything Liam does is breathtaking.  He’s one to watch.


I finally started reading (for real) Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicaa manga that my pal Dan let me borrow.  It be goooooood.


Speaking of Daniel Warren Johnson… his current storyline of Space-Mullet is his strongest work to date.  Get on board now!

That’s all for now.  I have a lot more to tell ya’ll, but my computer at home just had a major malfunction, so I’m sneaking this out at work.  Let me know how you’re doing out there!

Victus, Speculative Relationships, Engagement, AND Otomo

Things have been busy here.  Very busy.  Most exciting at the moment: I got  the proof for the Speculative Relationships anthology that we Kickstarted last month!

IMG_6309 IMG_6311 IMG_6310

INCREDIBLY excited!  The books printed and delivered en masse is the next step!


This issue is taking me a bit longer.  But… not to brag… but it’s because this is some of my best work yet.  I’m really excited about the new things happening in the book and new techniques I’m exploring.  Here are some peeks:

IMG_6307 IMG_6299 IMG_6298 IMG_6274


I scanned in some stuff from the Katsuhiro Otomo special issue of Brutus Magazine, which my awesome friend from Japan (Rinko Endo) sent me.  Some really cool stuff in there:


tumblr_n8vym1PGNG1sj9rrko5_1280 tumblr_n8vym1PGNG1sj9rrko6_1280 tumblr_n8vym1PGNG1sj9rrko2_1280

So amazing. Everything about Otomo mesmerizes me.


I went to Starved Rock this weekend with my fiance’ (oh yeah, I GOT ENGAGED).  Here are a few pics:

IMG_6248 IMG_6249 IMG_6250We also went to the soon-to-be-closed-but-amazing-hotdog-emporium Hot Dougs…


And I guess you probly wanna see the ring…


I designed the ring in collaboration with the amazing custom jeweler Heather Oleari.  I’ll try to do a post about that design process at some point in the near future.


As usual, I’ve been up to my ol’ fan-arti-ing


Diehard from Prophet, Colors by Gerald Proctor


No, from The Spread


 The main character in Reid Psaltis’s Kingdom/Order


And a Simon piece to promote the awesome Cupcake Award

And finally I’ll leave you with a moment of zen.  Barry Windsor-Smith’s beautiful colors, accompanied by a new Run The Jewels Track…



S.P.A.C.E. Post-carnage, C2E2 this weekend!


I feel like I’ve gone through a comics ‘right of passage’.  I exhibited at the legendary S.P.A.C.E.  One of the longest running indie comic conventions in the states.  It was one of the most welcoming shows I’ve ever attended and featured a very diverse collection of comics creators.  I was tabling with my buddy Scott Kroll.  Here’s a our table:


We had a nice time meeting other folks and we even did a couple jam pieces.  Here is a Prophet that I pencilled and Scott inked:


I also had the opportunity to do a fun Tools & Techniques panel discussion featuring Scott Kraynak, Matt Kish, and Pam Bliss.  We talked about their process’s and did some demos.  Check out their work!

One of the big bonus’s of the trip was seeing the Bill Watterson “Exploring Calvin & Hobbes” art exhibit at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library.  It was … almost like a religious experience.  I grew up on Calvin & Hobbes and still aspire to create work at the level of Mr. Watterson’s.  Here are some shots:

SPACE14-watterson SPACE14-watterson1 SPACE14-watterson2

It was amazing.  If you are even REMOTELY close to Columbus, OH, you NEED to go to this show.

On top of all that, we saw Nate Powell sing heavy metal at the after-party karaoke.


That’s right, Chicago’s best mainstream comics show is this weekend!  I’ll be there tabling with my buddies, Daniel Warren Johnson & Mike Manomivibul.


Along with our normal stock of awesome comics, we’ll have the new Speculative Relationships postcards and posters:


And I’ll have 1 new print, which is the teaser image for Victus #3, along with the 2 previous Victus prints:

4-21_posterprev 4-21_poster-rhino

I’ll try to add these to the online store after the show.  But C2E2 will be the first place you can get your hands on this new print!  Hope to see a lot of you there!  Mention the blog and get a special treat!


Well… I’ve been plugging away on Victus #3, inks on Upgrade Soul, and my two scifi romance short comics for Speculative Relationships.  And of course some Prophet fan art.  Here are some peeks:

4-21_victus-1 4-21_victus-2 4-21_victus-3

4-21_prophet-sketch 4-21_machine-sketch Prophet-warlove3-bw


Get to C2E2 this weekend and say hi!

– Tyrell