Brain Frame & Conventions 2014 pt. 1

Hey ladies and gents!

Some announcements and the like:

First up, I am stoked to be performing next Saturday in the world-famous Brain Frame series! I’ll be debuting a brand new Simon comic titled “Piece”, which will only exist as a performance.

simon-piece_promo1I’ll have musical accompaniment by the amazing Chad Nannenga, adding another layer to the story.  Your only chance to see this piece is to come to one of the two shows.  Here are the details:

Brain Frame

Saturday, January 25th

7pm (all ages) & 10pm (cash bar)

at Constellation

3111 N Western Ave

Chicago, IL 60618

Tickets are available HERE and I strongly recommend purchasing in advance, as Brain Frame tends to sell out.  Hope to see you all there!

CONVENTIONS 2014, part 1

It’s that time again… the time when comic artists apply for conventions far and wide.  It’s nerve-racking and filled with crossed fingers and budgeting.  Although I haven’t heard back from all the shows applied to, I wanted to let folks know places I’m already confirmed for:

Chicago Zinefest

March 15th

Conaway Center at Columbia College

1104 S. Wabash, Chicago, IL

Always an awesome show, made even awesome-er by the fact that it’s FREE to attend!  My Chicago peeps have no excuse to miss this show.


April 12-13th

Ramada Hotel & Conference Center

4900 Sinclair Rd, Columbus, OH

This is my first time doing SPACE and I hope some of ya’ll can make it out to Columbus, OH to say hi!  I may be presenting a couple panels as well (more on that later)


April 25-27th

South Building at McCormick Place


I’ll be tabling with rising star Daniel Warren Johnson in artist alley.  This show is always crazy big big and fun.


May 10-11th

Toronto Reference Library

789 Yonge St, Toronto, Canada

I’ve heard amazing things about TCAF, and this is my first time exhibiting there.  The show already has a who’s-who list of artists, so this could be one of the best of the year!

…  That’s all for the conventions for now.  Hopefully I’ll have one or two more to announce soon.  It’d be great to see you all at one or two of these shows!

Stuff I’m looking at lately..


I re-read Jan’s Atomic Heart by the always interesting Simon Roy.  This is finally getting a bigger release from Image as part of a collection  of Roy’s short stories.  Highly recommended for fan’s of sci-fi.


Also re-read Paul Pope’s Batman Year 100, as a study in portraying action and chase scenes in comics.  Good stuff.


Along with Pope’s work, I’ve been spending some time with Blade of the Immortal.  Samura’s action sequences are at times non-sensical, but give a visceral impression of the action that almost transcends the actual geography of the fight.


Finally got my Riddick blu-ray.  Man this is just a super-fun sci-fi movie with lots of fun ideas and characters.

gojira01-04-05Also finally picked up Godzilla: Half Century War.  Stokoe is a madman with his detail and drawings of chaos.  I’m most struck by how smart/funny the book is though.

More to come folks!

– Tyrell

Have your CAKE and eat it too!

Chicago Alternative Comics Expo!



Saturday & Sunday

June 15th – 16th

11am – 6pm

Center on Halsted

3656 N Halsted

It’s here!  This weekend!  Seriously folks, this is going to be an incredible show. I’ll be right here:


I’ll be sharing a table with the always spectacular Beth Hetland.  Keep your eyes peeled for other amazing artists exhibiting at CAKE: Kenan RubensteinMK Czerwiec, Ezra Clayton Daniels, Sean Dove, Emi Gennis, Lyra HillMarnie Galloway, and tons more!!!

If you miss this show, you’re pretty much a loser.

If you come by, mention that you follow the blog and I’ll give you some goodies.

Modern Storytellers

Friday, June 14th (the night before CAKE!) is the opening for Modern Storytellers at Ugly Step Sister Gallery.  I’ll be there and hope you can make it too.  The show is filled with some amazing artists!

750 S. Union St.

Chicago, IL

Opening: Friday, June 14th, 6pm – 11pm


Ok friends, You’re almost out of time to reap the benefits of pre-ordering Victus #1.  If I get your order before Sunday, June 16th, you can still get a free print of Celeste:


After that, I’ll still take your money, but won’t be throwing in the free poster.  If that’s not cool enough, each book will be embossed with my monogram and hand numbered:emboss


Thank you to everyone who has already pre-ordered!  I’m humbled by your support.  It went miles to helping me get the book finished and pay for the printing.  The first round of orders have been shipping out this week, and I’m hoping most of you get them by Monday, June 17th at the latest.


If you’re a local Chicago person, or flying in for the show, CAKE will be the first chance for anyone anywhere to get their hands on the books.  I’m very pleased with how they turned out and I can’t wait to share them with you!

I’ll leave you with these gems:


Jack Kirby.  Showing his power in the earthly realm yet again.


Darrow and Moebius lighting it up with City on Fire.


I am completely in love with this Barry Windsor-Smith cover for X-men #186

Until next time, keep your ducks in a row.  Well… geese.


Emerald City Comicon this weekend!

Hey hey hey…

So Con season has officially begun.  I’ll be tabling at my first show of the season this weekend, March 1st-3rd at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, WA.


You can find me with the awesome Josh Shalek at artist alley table S-09:


Josh is the man behind the extremely amusing & poignant Welcome to Falling Rock.  I hear he might be premiering some brand new printed comics at this show.  I highly recommend you pick one up!  I will be filling my part of the table with the complete series of Gary (books 1-3), as well as the Simon Collection, and a new Simon mini comic.  I’ll also have some promotional handouts for my new project, Victus.  Here’s what the back looks like:


Woops… Did I just announce when the first issue is coming out?

Speaking of Victus, here are some sneak peeks at my progress…

Victusdesk4Pages piling up…

VictusprevDomMeet Dom.  She’s a little shy.

Victus-AbsolomAnd Absalom hard at work.

I’m very excited for Emerald City Comicon and I hope you pacific northwesterners can come out to the show!  I’ll leave you with a breakfast moment of zen, courtesy of Walker Brothers Original Pancake house…

F-n-pancakesThis must be what drugs feel like.

– Tyrell

New Gary Review & Victus teasing

Hey yo…

The fine folks over at Buy Indie Comics were kind enough to do a nice review of Gary.  Click to see:

buy indie

I really appreciate these guys taking the time to give Gary a read.  If you haven’t picked up all three issues yet, they are still available at the store.

Victus is coming along.  Here are some random snaps of pages in progress, and my (messy) workspace:


coffee and drawing in the morning


Finally took a new shot of the workspace with the new posters/character models up.Victusmachineprev1

The Machine takes shapeVictusprevjump1


Go ahead and JUMP!


It’s always exciting when drawings come together and turn out the way you want.  It seemingly only happens about 10% of the time for me, but that 10% success rate manages to keep me coming back for more.

What have you guys been reading lately? I’ve discovered Study Group recently.  How did I miss this?? It’s filled with work by some of my favorite artists working right now.  Check it out!



Stay warm out there!

– Tyrell

C.A.K.E. Post-Carnage

C.A.K.E. has come and gone, my friends.  And what a show!

The table I shared with Bethicus Maximus

The show was a blast!  Thanks to all who stopped by to say hi and chat a bit.  Thanks especially to those who bought some comics and signed up for the mailing list.  I had the chance to pick up tons of great work, which I haven’t had time to read all of yet, but a few highlights:

– Floating World Comics & Benjamin Marra’s American Psycho broadsheet newspaper (can you think of anything better?)

– Marni Galloway’s In the Sounds and Seas (gorgeous work!)

Animal Sex #3 by Isabella Rotman & Moxie Morons  by Talya Modlin (keep an eye on these two!)

– and tons more I’m sure I’ll find as I finish unpacking.

Also, wanted to say thanks for the shout out from the 11 O’Clock Comics podcast!


 I was delayed a tad in posting due to the ol’ iMac being in the shop, and my exile in the state of Nebraska for a week (see below):

I guess calling it an ‘exile’ isn’t fair.  I’ll be back next week with another Gary update (promise I’m close to finishing book 3), and some news about MORE conventions I’ll be at!

– Tyrell

C.A.K.E this weekend!

Hello dear reader!  I have returned!

I’m happy to say that the move went very well.  I have some of the kindest, most helpful friends on the planet.  It’s truly a blessing to have them in situations like these.  Thanks guys!

The studio is set up!

I am STOKED about the new studio.  As you can see, I have all I need in one place.  The opposite side of the room houses Ms. T’s studio (pictures are forthcoming), so I couldn’t ask for more good things in one place.  Quite a step up from a drawing table next to the bed.  I’m hoping next time I post I’ll have the wall covered with reference, art by my heroes, and things that generally keep me motivated.  The first thing I’ve cooked up in the new studio is…

An edition of 15 new prints of the Simon: Symmetry minis.  These are a tad larger than last time and happen to be on one of my favorite new paper stocks.  These will be available at…

Let me tell you friends, this show looks to be amazing.  There is a fantastic collection of artists exhibiting.  And it’s FREE!  That means you can take that money you saved on admission and spend it on superb comics by the best artists that Chicago, America, and beyond have to offer!  In particular, I strongly recommend you check out:

Reid Psaltis

Kenan Rubenstein

Josh Shalek

Sean Dove (my tablemate)

Beth Hetland (my other tablemate)

Mr. Jeff Brown (I think you’ve probably heard of him)

There are TONs of other artists so you do NOT want to miss this show.  Here are the details:

Columbia College’s Ludington Building
1104 S Wabash, Chicago, Illinois
Saturday & Sunday 11am – 6pm
Free and Open to the Public!

Please come down and say hi!  I’ll have the aforementioned Simon books, along with Gary 1-2, the Simon Collection, and some other goodies.  Mention this blog post and I’ll offer a kind discount!

See you there!


Simon: The Collection 2001-2011

I’m happy to premiere  Simon: The Collection 2001-2011 this weekend at Chicago Zinefest!

This volume of 166 pages collects the last 10 years of my Simon comics (sneak peek last week).  Not only do you get a taste of the beginnings of Simon, but I’ve included some never before seen material as well!  I’m also honored to have pin-ups from these talented folks:

Rinko Endo

Reid Psaltis

John Wright II

Casey Green

Idriys Grant

Jingxuan HU

Jen Gillespie

my Zinefest table-mate Beth Hetland!

and that snazzy cover is a collaboration with the great Gerald Proctor III, who also created the graphic design and layout for this collection

I couldn’t be more excited about this book and I’m hoping all of you in the Chicago-land area can come by Chicago Zinefest to get your copy!

Saturday, March 10th

Columbia College

1104 S. Wabash

8th floor @ table 62


I’ll be signing every copy and including individual sketches on the inside back covers.  Of course, I’ll also have Gary 1-2, Simon mini-comics, and another special item that is only available at Zinefest.  For those of you who can’t make it, I have also added the Simon Collection to my store for purchase:

10 years of Simon!

Thanks everyone for the support and hope to see many of you this weekend!

– Tyrell