Brain Frame & Conventions 2014 pt. 1

Hey ladies and gents!

Some announcements and the like:

First up, I am stoked to be performing next Saturday in the world-famous Brain Frame series! I’ll be debuting a brand new Simon comic titled “Piece”, which will only exist as a performance.

simon-piece_promo1I’ll have musical accompaniment by the amazing Chad Nannenga, adding another layer to the story.  Your only chance to see this piece is to come to one of the two shows.  Here are the details:

Brain Frame

Saturday, January 25th

7pm (all ages) & 10pm (cash bar)

at Constellation

3111 N Western Ave

Chicago, IL 60618

Tickets are available HERE and I strongly recommend purchasing in advance, as Brain Frame tends to sell out.  Hope to see you all there!

CONVENTIONS 2014, part 1

It’s that time again… the time when comic artists apply for conventions far and wide.  It’s nerve-racking and filled with crossed fingers and budgeting.  Although I haven’t heard back from all the shows applied to, I wanted to let folks know places I’m already confirmed for:

Chicago Zinefest

March 15th

Conaway Center at Columbia College

1104 S. Wabash, Chicago, IL

Always an awesome show, made even awesome-er by the fact that it’s FREE to attend!  My Chicago peeps have no excuse to miss this show.


April 12-13th

Ramada Hotel & Conference Center

4900 Sinclair Rd, Columbus, OH

This is my first time doing SPACE and I hope some of ya’ll can make it out to Columbus, OH to say hi!  I may be presenting a couple panels as well (more on that later)


April 25-27th

South Building at McCormick Place


I’ll be tabling with rising star Daniel Warren Johnson in artist alley.  This show is always crazy big big and fun.


May 10-11th

Toronto Reference Library

789 Yonge St, Toronto, Canada

I’ve heard amazing things about TCAF, and this is my first time exhibiting there.  The show already has a who’s-who list of artists, so this could be one of the best of the year!

…  That’s all for the conventions for now.  Hopefully I’ll have one or two more to announce soon.  It’d be great to see you all at one or two of these shows!

Stuff I’m looking at lately..


I re-read Jan’s Atomic Heart by the always interesting Simon Roy.  This is finally getting a bigger release from Image as part of a collection  of Roy’s short stories.  Highly recommended for fan’s of sci-fi.


Also re-read Paul Pope’s Batman Year 100, as a study in portraying action and chase scenes in comics.  Good stuff.


Along with Pope’s work, I’ve been spending some time with Blade of the Immortal.  Samura’s action sequences are at times non-sensical, but give a visceral impression of the action that almost transcends the actual geography of the fight.


Finally got my Riddick blu-ray.  Man this is just a super-fun sci-fi movie with lots of fun ideas and characters.

gojira01-04-05Also finally picked up Godzilla: Half Century War.  Stokoe is a madman with his detail and drawings of chaos.  I’m most struck by how smart/funny the book is though.

More to come folks!

– Tyrell

SPX 2013!

Hey ya’ll!

Quick post here to let everyone know I’ll be at Small Press eXpo this weekend in Bathseda, Maryland!  I’m very excited, as I’ve heard great things about this show ever since I started exhibiting at cons.  It also helps that it’ll be a room full of amazing artists whose work I love and respect.  It’s especially good to see some of the Panel Savants there:

Neil Brideau

Kenan Rubenstein

Josh Shalek

Along with my good pals:

Marnie Galloway

Beth Hetland!

Here is a map of where to find us this weekend:


Please come by and say hi!  If you mention the blog, I’ll have some free swag for you!


New episode of Back Issues is up!  Justin and I put a bullet in the head of Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt.  Well worth a listen, as it’s the first book we didn’t gush over:

Kraven’s Last Hunt


Yeah, still plugging away.  Here is today’s snippet:

Victus2-4 Victus2-5


A new pal, Scott Kroll, posted a very cool short sci fi story.  Please take a look:


click click click

I really like this:

BWS solar

Hope to see some of you this weekend!  A full report will follow after the show!

– Tyrell

Stumptown Comics Fest this weekend!

Hey ya’ll…

STUMPTOWN COMICS FEST IS THIS WEEKEND!  And guess who will be there?  Yep… ME.  And if that’s not a good enough reason to visit this amazing fest, might I present Exhibit A:


So as you can see, there is an awesome little block of tables right in the middle of the con (thanks to Neil and Kenan for the map!).  I’m in the good company of Neil Brideau, Jack Bracken, Kenan Rubenstein, Reid Psaltis, our old pal Josh Shalek, and some other new friends!  And as if THAT isn’t enough, I have a couple other amazing comics colleagues tabling at the show: Beth Hetland & Ezra Clayton Daniels!

Wow… this is going to be an epic weekend of indie comics!  If you are anywhere NEAR Portland, you MUST come to the show!  Here are some more reasons why you should attend:

immolateprev immolateprev2

I’m premiering a new Simon mini comic that I co-created with my brother.

Victus_PrevcopyI’ll have a 6 page preview of my upcoming comic Victus,

along with a special treat for anyone who pre-orders issue 1 at the show.

Speaking of Victus:

Victus_scanI’ve been scanning like crazy!

Victus-AlphonseAnd what’s this?  A preview for issue 2 already!?


Some images that have inspired me lately…

longfellow hyperion12I wish I could make books like this.


BARTKIRA!  Genius.


I saw Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color.  Wow.

a (75)And I’ll end with another Kirby moment of zen.

Hope some of you can come down to the show this weekend!  Mention the blog and I’ll give you a discount on any purchase!

– Tyrell

Tricon Post-Carnage Report

Whew!  Another weekend another convention!

I had a blast at Tricon this past weekend.  I was tabling with my pal Justin Fah and his podcast In This Issue, which happened to be the OFFICIAL podcast for the show.  The folks of Huntington, West Virginia were extremely kind and welcoming to us folks from out of state.  I wanted to thank everyone who came out to the show and said hi!


At the table, Justin and crew (Piasecki & Bogner) had the ol’ creator corner going, which was awesome.  Basically, they provide you with information pulled from a hat (like a comic book hero, a villain, a plot device, and a setting) and then you come up with a story on the fly.  The prize is your story on the podcast and a sweet print of the In This Issue Poster that I did.  Here is one fan donning the ‘Weapon X’ helmut and telling In This Issue his story:

Tricon-creatorcornerYou really need to hear some of the stories folks cooked up!  To hear all the stories, as well as creator interviews and other convention coverage, you can subscribe to In This Issue on itunes or listen at their website.

We also had some help from this guy:


The next show you can see me at is Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, OR at the end of this month!  I’ll have more details on that soon.

Here are a couple peeks at Victus:


Mr. Moore is helping me with the cover to Victus #1

pages pages pages!



Sorry to keep teasing you.  I assure you the book will be ready soon!

Hadn’t posted any ‘here’s what I’ve been looking at lately’ images in a while.  So…


bernieBernie Wrightson doing what he does best.


The Saga of Swamp Thing.

eternalsThe Eternals.  By the eternal Jack Kirby.

vinylAnd this little ad was in the Eternals comic.  Amazing.

Thanks for reading ya’ll!  Be seeing you in a week or so!

– Tyrell

Emerald City Comicon this weekend!

Hey hey hey…

So Con season has officially begun.  I’ll be tabling at my first show of the season this weekend, March 1st-3rd at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, WA.


You can find me with the awesome Josh Shalek at artist alley table S-09:


Josh is the man behind the extremely amusing & poignant Welcome to Falling Rock.  I hear he might be premiering some brand new printed comics at this show.  I highly recommend you pick one up!  I will be filling my part of the table with the complete series of Gary (books 1-3), as well as the Simon Collection, and a new Simon mini comic.  I’ll also have some promotional handouts for my new project, Victus.  Here’s what the back looks like:


Woops… Did I just announce when the first issue is coming out?

Speaking of Victus, here are some sneak peeks at my progress…

Victusdesk4Pages piling up…

VictusprevDomMeet Dom.  She’s a little shy.

Victus-AbsolomAnd Absalom hard at work.

I’m very excited for Emerald City Comicon and I hope you pacific northwesterners can come out to the show!  I’ll leave you with a breakfast moment of zen, courtesy of Walker Brothers Original Pancake house…

F-n-pancakesThis must be what drugs feel like.

– Tyrell

MoCCA Fest Post-Carnage

Wow, thank you to everyone who stopped by my table at MoCCA Fest this year!  It was my first time in NYC and my first time at MoCCA and you were all very kind!

If you couldn’t make it… here’s a peek:

photo by TYTIN

Photo by Peter Crawley

MoCCA was full of talented comic artists.  It was wonderful to see some phenomenal work by folks that were new to me.  Here are a few highlights:

come on in be welcome by thorneater

more thorneater comics

thorneater on facebook

Streetcleaner by Alex Sherman & Federico José Mazza

more street cleaner

The Terrifying Tales of Wellington Sun

more from Wellington

And I had the pleasure of sharing a table with the talented Leslie Stein

and FEAR NOT!  If you missed MoCCA, there are two more chances to visit me at conventions this year!  Coming up first is The Chicago Alternative Komics Expo (C.A.K.E) on June 16-17

and in September, I’m finally returning to my old home of Los Angeles, to exhibit at Comikaze for the first time! The show is Sept 15-16

I will have more info on both shows as the dates approach.  Also, I might be a little slow on updates this month, as I will be moving (aaaargh!).  So I thank you in advance for your patience.  In the meantime I leave you with another peek at Gary: Book 3...

and some inking scraps…

MoCCA Fest This weekend!

Hey hey!

I’m happy to say I’ll be exhibiting at MoCCA Fest this weekend in New York City!  I’d love it if you would come down, say hi, talk comics, and hey… maybe even buy some stuff!  I’ll be at table D9.  You can find me using echo-location.  Or just use this map:

Actually… just use the map.  It’s probably your best bet.

Some of my pals will also be there:

Neil Brideau

Josh Shalek

Kenan Rubenstein

Mike Manomivibul

Go say hi to them too!

See you there!


Convention Season!

Hey folks!  It’s that time again… CONVENTION SEASON!  Actually, I’m really not sure what convention season officially is.  They seem to be spread out spring – fall (but crammed in little groups on the same weekends).  In any case, I’m happy to announce I’ve locked down at least 4 conventions I’ll be tabling at:


Saturday, March 10th (and Friday the 9th technically)

Chicago, IL

Conaway Center (1st & 8th Floor)

Columbia College, 1104 S Wabash Ave

This is a super fun little show.  I participated last year and was pleased to see a large variety of exhibitors.  There were all types of comics, art, and zines represented across various skill levels.  I hope you’ll come down for the show (pst… it’s FREE).

C2E2 (Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo)

Fri-Sun, April 13th-15th

Chicago, IL

McCormick Place

C2E2 is becoming a force in the ‘big’ convention scene.  It’s sure to have something for everyone, especially now that I’ll be there (heh).  If you are a midwesterner and can’t make it to San Diego ComiconC2E2 is your best bet to satisfy the nerd cravings.


Sat-Sun, April 28th-29th

New York, NY

69th Regiment Armory
68 Lexington Avenue

This will be my first time at MOCCA and my first time on the east coast!  If you are NY reader, please come out and welcome me to your town!


Sat-Sun, June 16th-17th

Chicago, IL

Columbia College’s Ludington Building
1104 S Wabash

I am honored to be a part of this first year of the Chicago Alternative Komics Expo.  This is a long overdue event here in the city I call home.  If you are anywhere NEAR Chicago (or even if you aren’t) you NEED to come see this show!

For now, that’s all I have locked in.  Look for more details as each show gets closer.  I’m planning to have something new at the table for each show!  For my west coast friends, I assure you I’m hard at work trying to get  a spot in a show out near the pacific.